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Recipe _ Dal Stuffed Poori _

Post by Nanncian on Fri Oct 04, 2013 10:47 pm

_ Dal Stuffed Poori _ (Navratri)

This is a good recipe for fasting people on navratri. It is similar to kachori, but made of wheat flour(atta). The filling used can be of urad dal or moong dal.

_ Dal Stuffed Poori _ NavratriDalStuffPoori_zps1dada1cb


urid dal/moong dal-1cup,
coconut scrapngs-2 tsps,
green chillies-2(chopped),
garam masala-1/4tsp,
corriander leaves-1tbsp(chopped),
mustard seeds-1tsp,
salt to taste.


wheat flour-2cups,(1cup maida and 1 cup wheat  atta can also be used)
chilly powder-1/2tsp,
turmeric powder-1/4tsp,
jeera powder-1/2tsp,
salt to taste
oil for frying puris.

Preparations for Poori:

Knead atta by mixing chilly powder, turmeric powder, jeera powder, salt and butter to form a soft firm dough. Keep it aside. Soak urid dal for 1 hour.Remove water completely and grind to a very course texture.

Preparation for Stuffing:

In a pan, heat 2tsps of oil and add the mustard. When it flutters, add chopped items except corriander leaves and fry a little. Add the urid dal,chopped corriander leaves,  garam masala, coconut scrapings  and salt and fry for 5 more mts.The filling  should be dry. Remove from flame.

Make small balls out of the atta dough.
Form puris from the balls.
Place 2tsps of the filling on each puri and close it fully.
Spread the closed puri to make it to a thick one and deep fry in oil, till well cooked.
Fry the puris one by one.

_ Dal Stuffed Poori _ N-S_zps5680a5c6


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