Tikho Mitho Murbo

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Recipe Tikho Mitho Murbo

Post by Nanncian on Tue Jun 11, 2013 10:31 pm

One of the Favorite Sindhi Pickel goes will with Parathas and Koki

Tikho Mitho Murbo Tikho-Mitho-Murbo_zpsa285cea8


1 kg Raw mangoes
1 kg sugar
5-6 Green cardamons
2-3 Bay leaf
2 stick of cinnamoms
½ tbsp. Kalonji Onion seeds
Red chilli powder A spoonful


Wash, pat dry and peel magoes. Cut them into slices. In a thick bottomed pan, mix sugar and water. Heat it ,while mixing at frequent intervals till sugar dissloves completely. Skim off any grey foam, which are impurities from the sugar. Add the sliced mangoes,few cardamons and mix bay leaf onion seed and cinnamon properly.
Let it boil for few minutes and then put it on medium heat. Keep stirring at regualr intervals till cooked. Add red chilli powder in the mid of procedure. When the mixture reaches desired consistency. When it is cool properly, store it in clean,airtight glass containers jars

Tikho Mitho Murbo N-S_zps5680a5c6


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