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Thumbs Up For Idly, Dosa batter

Post by Nanncian on Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:02 pm

1. To prepare soft idlies and crisp dosa, the measurement of rice & urad dal should be in the ratio of 3:1 and a tsp of fenugreek seeds.

2. Soak both rice and urad dal separately and grind them separately. Then mix the batter together.

3. While fermenting the Idly, dosa batter, don’t add too much salt. This leads the batter to smell sour, before it is fully fermented.

4. If you’re living in a hot country, the batter will be able to ferment within 4 to 5 hrs.

5. If you’re living in a cold place, the fermentation of batter takes more time. Still if the fermentation does not occur, keep the batter inside the oven with oven light on.

6. The consistency of the batter, should be fluffy and the batter should fall down easily from your spoon as you mix it.

7. For fluffy batter, grind urad dal soft and fluffy by adding water little by little in regular intervals while grinding. If a tsp of urad dal batter is dropped in a bowl of batter, it should floast, then it is the right consistency.

8. Addition of fenugreek / methi seeds , when soaking the rice, gives nice fragrance and aroma to the batter.

9. Adding some mashed poha or cooked rice, to the batter also makes idly amazingly soft.

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